We use improv and the design cycle to build communicative, creative, collaborative teams & prepare them to ride the next wave in an ever-changing world.







    Love meetings? Neither do we. That’s why we specialize in helping teams improve their meeting processes, making them shorter, more engaging, more productive, and more fun! Drawing inspiration from the overlapping worlds of improv and human-centered design, we teach teams concrete tools to optimize communication and ensure work happens with ease, creativity, and joy.


    InterTidal offers 2-hour to 2-day workshops that help teams:

    • Find alignment 
    • Stay focused
    • Solve creatively together
    • Make every meeting collaborative & efficient



    Learn to:

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    Discover Shared Challenges & Ideals


    Find your team's shared values to create alignment and a common language. ​

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    Communicate Strategically


    Discover how to operate inside necessary ambiguity and eradicate unnecessary vagueness. 

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    Empower Collaboration


    Give your team the tools to be autonomously proactive and responsive to each other's needs.

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    ...And Adapt To Volatility


    Create workflows and communication habits that are flexible and support sudden changes.

  • Testimonials

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    The [onboarding] process we ended with was — to be totally honest! — shocking! We’ve gone through the years without a process and to suddenly, productively, have one within just a few hours was fabulous.


    Chelsea DiMarzio


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    A seamless and interactive program that was enjoyable and effective.


    Gary Edwards


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    Adrian was a great teacher, and having an improv class was a great opportunity to have people from different teams connect. Would absolutely recommend!


    Ben Bateman


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    I had attended workshops before on problem solving and design, but this was a whole new way of activating my brain.


    Jim Babb

    Sacramento City College

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    The team was very engaged and the experience stirred a lot of conversation for us and some insights came out of it over lunch.


    Carrie Staller

    The GoGame

  • WHo We Are

    We are Adrian Vazquez — improv performer & coach — and Marra DeGraff — facilitator & designer extraordinaire — and we’re the co-founders of InterTidal. After working at numerous tech companies in the San Francisco Bay Area, we’ve both seen firsthand that many of the basic tenets of effective communication and productive collaboration are neither taught nor practiced, even at some of the most sophisticated workplaces. So we joined forces to address that issue! At InterTidal, we weave together the focus and fun of improv with the empathy and ingenuity of human-centered design. Equipped with these tools, organizations and the people inside them can identify, reimagine, and redesign whatever's holding them back.


  • Meet Marra & Adrian

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    Marra DeGraff

    Co-Founder & Coach

    Marra hails from the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford (more commonly known as the d.school), and her background is in design thinking and education. She has helped chambers of commerce, boards of directors, educators, leadership teams, and more practice and utilize the principles of human-centered design to unearth and address previously stubborn and intractable problems.

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    Adrian Vazquez

    Co-Founder & Coach

    Adrian has taught improv to sales account managers, regulators, artists, healthcare professionals, accountants, entrepreneurs, script-actors and more. He has worked extensively in project management, web design, and quality assurance across multiple technology companies, giving him an inside understanding of collaborative projects along with their diverse networks of stakeholders and common challenges.

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